Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Roomba 5xx and Err 5 charging

Yeah OK, is just "another post about the Error 5 when charging a Roomba of 5th generation", but is just a note/reminder.
The official suggestion from iRobot is to check the battery contacts, the base contacts and relative Roomba contacts.
If all is OK, then try to change battery and if still not OK, send the unit to repair.

The first thing to do however is to measure the voltage of the power supply.
After repairing a Roomba (a 560 unit) and changing battery, after few days the Err 5 started to appear.
Measured the power supply : 19V

It MUST be at least 22 V !!
Changed the power supply with a new one, and Err 5 disappeared.

Of course is possible to have many other causes for the error, but I would say that in order to diagnose it, the sequence that did the trick for me is :

  • check the power supply. The Voltage measure must be at least of 22 V
    if OK
  • try to use a power stabilizer or at least a surge control
    if OK
  • check the battery contacts and clean up from oxide and dirt
    if OK
  • change the battery
If OK but still Err 5, well, it "could be" also a motherboard problem.

So it seems now I have a nice iRobot power supply to repair :)