Saturday, September 25, 2010


Well, here we are.

HAnix-diy - Public  ... let's start from the title of the blog.

HAnix-diy is the name of a website that I use as private technical notebook, where I write what I'm doing, notes, links.
diy is quite self-explicative, do it yourself.
HAnix is a kind of word created from HA (Home Automation) and  Unix, but of course during the years I saved in my website any kind of notes, not only about home automation.

HAnix-diy is private. For many reasons.
However sometime can be worth to share some experiences, notes, ideas, projects with other people.
So ... here we are, with HAnix-diy - Public.

Most of the posts will be a copy of articles published  on the HAnix-diy website or other my websites.

I hope someday to post something useful to someone.

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