Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A dead GXV3000 power supply

After cleaning up my electronic lab (OK OK the garage) and rebuilt my working LED lamp, I found among the junk pile, an old and broken Grandstream GXV 3000 power supply.
This particular one was "in service" in Italy and went dead after a thunderstorm.

Just out of curiosity, I decided to open it and see why it was not working anymore.
Since the box is "melted" and sealed I didn't place any hope to repair it anyway, so I used some strong ways (hammer) to open it.

Here what I found.

As you can see an IC was totally melt down.
A very nice  spike, very probably caused by the thunderstorm.

The PCB is broken because I used a quite strong tool to open the box :-)

Of course is very probable that other components are damaged as well, so is totally worthless to try to fix it anyway.

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