Sunday, November 7, 2010

110V Lamp Bulb replacement

With one of the 10 Watt LED lamp kit Roberto sent, I tried to build a bulb replacement.
Here some notes and comments.

First attempt

I started from an old CFL lamp, removing the fluorescent tube and the electronic ballast.
The LED power supply in the kit was round and fit perfectly the old CFL base.

The initial kit included the 10 Watt LED and a small square heat-sink with a fan.

I glued the LED to the heat-sink with a thermal compound and I attached the heat-sink to the CFL base using hot glue.
Unfortunately I don't have pictures of the first bulb replacement attempt.
It worked nicely until one day the fan broke down. Without the fan the temperature of the heat-sink was high enough to melt down the hot glue, detaching the heat-sink and the LED from the bulb base.

Second attempt

I had to rebuild the lamp bulb.
This time I choose to have a passive heat-sink, so I ordered one round and big enough for the 10 Watt LED.

The problem to solve was how to connect the heat-sink to the bulb base.
I decided to try the same method adopted for one of the desk lamp modifications.
Since the bulb base is around 2 inches diameter, I cut a piece of wood with that diameter.
Lee was able to drill and tap a hole in the heat-sink in order to screw it to the round piece of wood.

I did a hole in the bulb base to have the wires out and then I screwed the wood round piece to the bulb with 4 screws.
Here the lamp assembled and a detail of the attachment to the bulb base :

The only problem so far is that the bigger heat-sink prevent to use the lamp in many of my fixtures !!
Otherwise is working perfectly.


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    1. I'm keeping this blog mainly as my personal block notes where to save tips/info/documentation of things I do.
      Being a technical people I'm used to have a straight direct way to describe things.
      The only exception is to try to explain as much as possible things using a plain language where possible. I'm not a big fan of acronyms and cryptic names and I try to remember that not everybody who is reading knows details and background info about a topic.
      But thanks.