Friday, December 30, 2011

GrandStream GXV3140

The GXV3140 is the latest IP phone from GrandStream.
Here some notes and impressions about this new phone.

First of all, the first impression is about a more professional phone.
More slim and slick, nice to see.  The screen is definitively better than the GXV3000, but smaller.
High resolution. And also the web pages used to set up the phone, are definitively "professional looking" and better organized than the older series.

So, here some pro and cons, compared mostly with the GXV3000.

  • professional looking
  • a lot, really a LOT, of functionalities  (IP radio, YouTube viewer, Skype, social networks (fb/Twitter/IM/ecc.), browser, ecc. ecc.)
  • doesn't require to be booted after every change of parameter !!
  • the screen saver is interrupted if the phone detect movement !!!! This is nice !!!
  • better organization of the screen
  • high definition video, is feasible to watch a movie
  • nice sound, both for music/movies and phone calls
  • WiFi as optional
  • much more complex to use, so I don't think is a phone suitable for non-technological people
  • a lot of functionalities but hardly multitask .. so is not possible for example hearing the IP radio and navigate with the browser
  • without an external keyboard many functionalities are limited
  • is not storing passwords for skype
  • some settings are "stuck" and is not possible to change them (bug ?)
  • different format of the xml file for the phonebook, so is not possible to share the one used for the GXV3000

So far I was able to use the phone with the services I normally use with the GXV3000.
No problem at all to call and receive calls from the other GXV3000 using different VoIP providers.
Fully compatible with Asterisk too, like the GXV3000.
And it has also Skype functionality !! It means that it can handle 3 VoIP providers SIP based PLUS Skype.

System data

Here some data about the phone :

Product Model :

Hardware Revision :

Version :

Core Version :

DSP Version :

Base Version :

Program Version :

GUI-A Version :

GUI-B Version :

Recovery Version :

Here the first update.

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