Sunday, November 11, 2012

Soldering helper

OK, small problem to solve.
Every time I need to solder some components/wires/ecc. the solder support is moving everywhere, often falling down the workplace.

Yeah OK, is not a big problem but it is annoying, especially when you are trying to concentrate on the job to do !

So ... here a simple solution.
Since I use a board where to do the work, I just cut out a round piece of wood, with the diameter little bit smaller than the one of the solder support.

First cut out a round piece of wood.
I used a wood circular cutter close to the final diameter (required less than 1 inch).

The piece of wood is too big to fit in the solder support.
So with patience ...

Once done, I attached it to the working board

Voila'. Now the solder support is not going anywhere, is free to turn but not to fall down.

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