Saturday, September 7, 2013

Alphaline mod. 18281

Since I have a nice bricked Alphaline MP4 player, and nobody willing or able to service it,  why not take it apart and see what is inside ?

Open the player

The shell of the player is in plastic. No screws, only small plastic hooks.
With a very small screwdriver, start to gently force close to the bottom angles of the player, where the USB connector and phone connectors are.
Then very gently start to work all around the border of the player.
A certain point it will be possible to user the fingers to gently separate the shells.

The inside

After the shells are separated, the PCB and the battery appears (the gray "thingy" on the right).
3 big chipsets are visible, plus the microphone and the pinhole camera.
Also the micro SD card reader, the USB connector and the headphone jack are visible,

The three chipset are so marked :
  • ATJ2259C - ZC55LBB B7A
    The microcontroller - So far I was unable to retrieve datasheet or even basic information about this controller.
    It is a Chinese processor and in the typical Chinese way, no information are released.
    Pity. We should really stop to buy stuff produced in China.
  • Infineon HYB39S25616odt
    HYB39S256160DT-7 - 256-MBit Synchronous DRAM
  • PF369 - AR - 1134
    Probably LCD/touchscreen manager but like the processor I was unable to find information.


  1. Device is from CSDN.. hard to read due to language of site :(((
    The other can resemble a ram or similar too TS controller usually are 8 pin.

    1. Roberto, I've tried to download the datasheet but was impossible!
      Please can you send it to me via email or suggest some way to download from csdn?
      I've been looking for this datasheet during a couple of month, please help me! :)
      my email: s d c . i t a l y [at] g m a i l . c o m