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iFood - bread Bodini

Well, technology is my world, but I'm a human being  too, and one who loves to eat.
This blog is technical oriented, preparing food is an art but involve technology too ... OK OK, today I'm feeling to share one of my recipes.
When I have time or when I'm in the mood for bread or pizza, the only way to satisfy such mood, is to prepare the bread or pizza by myself.
I love to cook many other things, on my Pinterest table "iFood" i show something ... if you are curious enough to see that :)

Bodini's bread and pizza recipe

Example of bread obtained with this recipe


  • Bread machine.
    To prepare the dough, use a bread machine.
    Nothing special, almost every generic low cost bread machine will work.
    Just be sure that it can prepare the 2 pounds loaf. Usually such kind of bread machine cost around $40.
  • 2 cups Pyrex to measure liquids.
  • Set of measurement spoons, from 1/4 tsp to 1 tbs
    tsp = teaspoon
    tbs = tablespoon
  • Set of “cups” to measure the flour. Usually these sets goes from 1/4 Cup up to 1 Cup
  • wooden mattarello
  • dough cutter 
  • sprayer for water
  • round cutter (for “panini”)
  • rectangular nonstick baking trays for the bread.
  • Round nonstick baking trays for pizza. Much much better if they have holes, like this one :

Bread/Pizza dough


Ingredients for 20 “panini” or 4 pizzas :
  • 1 ¾ cup room temperature water
    It is strongly suggested to use filtered water, left in a jar for at least a night.
    Impurities will be on the bottom and the water will be at room temperature.
    Never underestimate the quality of the ingredients, especially the water !
    Water with chlorine or other impurities will make difficult to the dough to raise and will leave a sour taste !
  • 2 tsp fine salt
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • Extra virgin oil
    - Bread : pour enough oil to cover ¾ of the water surface
    - Pizza : the oil have to cover the entire water surface
  • 6 cup “normal” flour ( 00 )
  • 3 tsp yeast for bread machine or fast raising


Put in the bread machine bake pan the ingredients, in this order :
  • water
  • salt
  • sugar
  • oil
  • flour (level it )
  • yeast

Set the program “only dough”, NO BAKING !
This is IMPORTANT because the quantity of the ingredients is above the baking capability of the bread machine !!

Bread preparation

When the dough is ready in the bread machine, remove it from the baking pan and put it on a table.
In order to prepare “panini”, use the “mattarello” to flat the dough.
Flat it at least to reach ½ inch thick.
Then use a round cutter to cut at least 10-14 “round panini”.
Put them on a nonstick baking tray (is possible to use also the pizza round baking tray).
Leave some space between the panini since they will raise a bit and leave them on it at least for 1 hour (don't go over 2 hours !)
The left over dough can be put together and flattened again, then cut it in triangles and then roll the triangles to form a mini roll.
At the end of the raising time, spray the bread with water and put them in the per-heated oven at 400-405 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 18 minutes.
Check sometime the bottom of the bread. If is yellow/brown is ready.

Remove it from the oven and left it to cool down at least for an hour before to eat it.
The best way to cool it down, is to remove the bread from the baking tray (use mittens or oven gloves, it will be HOT !) and put it in a basket.

The best way to taste it is to cut it in half and then put some salami or cooked ham, a little bit of mayo or some cheese (swiss cheese will be great).

It is possible to put the bread in the freezer.
Put it in small quantities (4 to 6 paninis) in a 1 gallon freezer plastic bag. Gently squeeze out the air before to seal it.
The bread will last at least two to three months.

To re-heat it, pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, then put it still frozen (out of the bag !) for at least 8 to 10 minutes. Will be like just made.

The bread will last at least a couple of days if not put in the freezer.

Pizza preparation

When the dough is ready in the bread machine, remove it from the baking pan and put it on a table.
Create a big roll and divide it in 2, 3 or 4 pieces.
2 pieces if you like a “soft pizza”, 3 for a normal pizza, 4 for thin and crunchy pizza.
The best result is with 3 pieces.
It is also important to considering the type of topping.
Cheese topping will require short cooking time, topping with vegetables or other ingredients will require more time.
A thin crust will be OK for cheesy pizza.
Thin crust will cook MUCH faster than normal crust ! Remember that !

Using the “mattarello” flat each piece in a round shape.
Spray with flour and turn upside down the pizza during this stage, multiple times.
The dimension of the pizza has to match the round baking tray and thus will determine the “thickness” of the pizza.
Put the flatten dough on a round baking tray.

With a spoon put the basic topping (see below) over the pizza. It must be spread uniformly.
When the oven is per-heated (again 400-405 degrees Fahrenheit) place the pizza in it.
The baking will happens in two phases.

  1. Phase one
    Put the pizza with the basic topping on it in the oven at least for 9 minutes (thin pizza) to 12 minutes (thick pizza).
  2. Phase two
    Remove the pizza from the oven and spread it uniformly with a lot of shredded mozzarella cheese.
    Put the pizza back in the oven for at least 9 minutes more.
    Check the mozzarella ! When it start to become yellow/orange the pizza is ready !!
    If the mozzarella does not have yellow/orange spots, then is NOT yet ready !
    Don't over bake it.


How to prepare the basic topping for almost every type of pizza.
In a container, pour the content of a big can of crushed tomato.
Be careful to use ONLY crushed tomato ! Not crushed tomato with basil, or garlic, or other stuff in it.
Then add some extra virgin oil (a couple of table spoon), salt (two or three tea spoon), sugar (1 or 2 tea spoon), oregano (as much as you like, however too much will make the sauce too sour).
Mix it very well.
These quantities are enough for 4 pizzas

For 4 pizza, you will need also at least 8 to 10 cups of shredded mozzarella.
More if you like a “cheesy” pizza.

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