Thursday, May 1, 2014

iRiver SPINN - replace battery

The iRiver SPINN is a nice MP3 player from iRiver.
Like many gadgets out there it works very nicely until the battery decide that is time for a loooong vacation.

This kind of gadgets have two problems when the battery is involved :
  1. the battery usually is soldered directly to the board
  2. the battery is OEM, in other words, is not "off the shelf" but is usually produced for the specific object
So there are two challenges to overcome trying to have back the unit working.
Open the iRiver and extract the battery, and find a battery replacement.
It seems this project will take quite some time to be completed, mostly because ordering stuff from China can take forever !

Opening the SPINN

February 2014

Fortunately opening the SPINN is more easy than many other MP3 player out there.
There are 3 torx screws to remove.
A T4 Torx screwdriver is required.
Remove the 3 screws, two on the side where the volume and power control are, one close to the USB port.

Once removed the screws, GENTLY, force the side of the plastic back with a small flat screwdriver.

When the cover starts to move, GENTLY with the screwdriver, try to release the latches on the side.
The cover will come out totally.

The next step is to remove the rubber protection of the battery, first lifting the small keyboard connected to the flexible PCB.
The battery is glued to the surface below.
Very GENTLY and slowly, try to detach the battery.  The battery is attached with a piece of tape with glue on both sides.

Once the battery is lose, is possible to desolder it.

Searching for a replacement

February 2014

This is the hard part.
The battery doesn't has any brand or model on it.
Only states it is a 830 mAh battery, with 3.7 Volt.

So, here the data collected about the battery :
  • two wires battery
  • 3.7 Volt
  • 830 mAh
  • shape : square - 4.2 cm side (.5 x 4.2 x 4.2)
  • 5 mm thick
  • ATL
  • code: 414444 A08749330372
I ordered both the models of batteries, mostly because ordering stuff from China can it take forever ... and actually I received the batteries just today !
Very very fortunately one of the batteries was a perfect match for the old one.
Is not the electrical part that creates problems, but the dimensions !
The new battery has to fit the space of the old one !

So the winning model is the number 1.
Inserted the new battery, fit perfectly the space, reconnected (remember the polarity !) and voila' !
The SPINN is back working.
Pay attention to the LCD cable, is enough a light pressure to have some connections loose.

Unfortunately, something went wrong with the battery.
After few hours of charge, the new battery was dead !
Defective battery ? Wrong type of battery for the charger ?
Charger damaged ?
I hooked up the second battery and the SPINN was back alive again, but now I have to do some tests to see how the recharge process affect the new battery.
If also the second battery will die, I have to try to figure out what the problem is.
Sure the second battery mechanically doesn't fit the SPINN space. I need to order a new battery again, another month and half waiting if I order form the same place.
Or probably is better to look on other places ... another search is required.
Stay tuned !


  1. Try check the battery out of the player, it seems as both battery worked when inserted so measure voltage across pin, I suppose they got discharged but never charged.
    On battery specs electronics is on so it cannot be damaged by charger, try charge them and also the original one too.
    After that if battery are ok no other than try repair charging unit but on very small SMD this is not a simple task.
    See you.

  2. I put a order in for battery #1 from My order was cancelled and this is the email response reason I received.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are sorry that your order was returned because the package contained batteries.

    The package could not be shipped.

    The ban introduced to loose lithium ion batteries(IATA UN3480, PI965) as cargo on passenger aircraft officially come into effect.

    As a result of the ICAO decision and the regulation update of IATA, our main shipping service provider, which is mainland DHL, UPS and most forwarders, have both stopped the transportation of loose lithium ion batteries (PI965) within their network.

    This means that both DHL, UPS and most forwarders will not accept shipments of loose lithium ion batteries from our DHL, UPS and most forwarders account registered in mainland China.

    We will make full refund back to your PayPal account for this items.

    Thank You

    Customer Service Team

    1. Thanks for the update.
      It become more and more complicate do simple things :(
      Maybe there are other places where to look for the batteries. The article is from 2014 .. 4 years ago (wow, time flying)