Tuesday, January 3, 2017

SmartPhone audio accessory

Some notes about some audio accessories for smartphone.

Hype Retro Walkie Talkie handset

This funny toy is shaped like a traditional-style ham radio microphone.
The idea is to "transform" the smartphone into an Ham radio. For example, used with Zello can facilitate to use it in a mobile environment or for who is nostalgic about it.

I tested it on the Samsung tablet but is not working with Zello.
However is working with other applications. This suggests that there are other differences other the 3.5 mm jack pinout.

Let's open it up

The quality of the gadget is of course very low. Beside, for 5$ really is not expected to be better.

The gadget

To open it there are just four Philips screws

The little board has a small amplifier based probably on  a LM386.

There are two push button and a trimmer for the ON/OFF and volume setting.
The small push button on the top is the one that is used to start the conversation.
The big push button on the side simply mute the speaker (IMHO wrong  choice since normally the PTT button is on the side on a normal/standard mike).


The idea is to plug the mike in the smartphone audio jack and turn it on.
After that the audio output is redirected to the small speaker and when pressing the PTT button, the mike is activated.

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