Sunday, September 10, 2017

Working on Teirmilab

Here a step-by-step guide to work on git for the TeirmiLab project.
If you are new on git and github, read this article first

TheTeirmiLab project is on github, so if somebody wants to join it, or just follow the progress, can clone the git repo for Teirmilab.

Let start from the link for the TeirmiLab github :

Note that you have to ask to be added as collaborator if you want to use this repo.
Currently is private, not yet public.

Clone TeirmiLab

Use git to clone the TeirmiLab project, with the command :

  • git clone
That's it !
On your directory, will exist a directory called TeirmiLab, containing the code.

Update TeirmiLab

Now that you have TeirmiLab on your machine, to keep it updated is even easier.
Simply go in the TeirmiLab directory and issue the command : git pull

  • cd ~/SteveProjects/TeirmiLab
  • git pull
That's it !  If the code on the github is changed, it will be updated on your machine

Working on TeirmiLab

Commit TeirmiLab

If you want to collaborate to TeirmiLab, you can modify the code on your machine, and keep track of the modifications locally, using git.
Issuing the command git status returns the status of the modifications made to the code.

Every time you modify a file, git status will indicate a modification.
Every time you will have to add it with:

git add file_name

git add * will add all the modified files.

Then it will be possible to commit the file with:

git commit file_name

All these operations are LOCAL to your machine !

If you are a registered collaborator to the TeirmiLab project, then you should be able to "push" your modifications in the github:

git push

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