Monday, August 22, 2011

CY7C68013A USB Logic Analyzer - Update

Time ago I received to test a little board based on the Cypress CY7C68013A and I wrote some notes about it.
This is a quick update of those notes.
These are informational notes only and are old!
I strongly suggest to buy the Logic package in order to have  the best results and easy operations.


The CY7C68013A USB Logic Analyzer is a small board made by a Chinese company (Lcsoftsold on Ebay from a China re-seller as a Logic Analyzer tool.
It's a small board based on a Cypress CY7C68013A micro-controller (an 8051 clone).

Exists a relatively easy hack in order to have the board working with Logic under Linux (tested with the 1.1.9 version under Ubuntu 11.04 quite time ago).

Here the hack :
  1. Be sure to don't have Logic running on the Linux  box
  2. Power on (plug-in) the Cypress CY7C68013A board
  3. Wait few seconds, the time for the board to start
  4. Remove the jumper J1
  5. Start Logic
After few seconds Logic will indicate ready to Start.
What happens is that without the jumper, Logic (at least the version 1.1.9) is loading the necessary firmware in the board and then start it.
Note that if you put back the jumper, all is working until you turn the board off and then back on or close Logic.
i.e. the firmware loaded is not permanent, every time it needs to be loaded.

I decided to put the board in a small box, for better protection and to be able to host a push-button.
Not having around any decent box, I temporary used two pieces of plexyglass. Ugly but functional :-)
I used a NC push-button, connected of course to the jumper J1.

Now in order to use the board with Logic, simply connect it to an USB port, then after few seconds, push the button and, while keeping it pushed, launch Logic.
When logic come out with Start, release the button and everything should work.

When closing Logic the configuration is lost, so it is necessary to un-plug the board  then plug the board back, following the procedure described above.
Much better to have an original Logic board.